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As you’re aware, our next reunion is scheduled for Charleston, SC and is being coordinated by Tiny Ledford.  The dates of the reunion are 17 - 21 April 2011 so start your planning.  Tiny will be providing us with more information as it develops.


FYI, NASB is down to little more than a reduced size NEX and Commissary.  Even the chow hall has been closed.  Our sailors have to go to McDonalds or KFC for their meals.  There are only about 50 sailors left.  They’re mostly involved with station security.  The remaining civilians are busy packing up and moving out everything of value.  They’re still talking about turning the chapel into a naval aviation museum and keeping the P2 and P3 on display.  If they do, the Memorial Garden will remain intact.  We’ll see.  I’ll keep you informed.


Keep well, keep safe, and have a great summer.





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In the Winter Edition issue of the Newsletter the names of the persons who had made a donation to our organization were garbled. The error was mine and I apologize. The corrected names are as follows:


Henry C. Balicki, Jr. - Fred Barr -Joseph Brigati - Richard R. Cattrysse - Raymond H. Gaus - James L. Huber - H. Clark Island - David E. Johnson - Gerald N. Punches - Geraldine M. Raab Dewey Rainey - Harold J. Vaughn - William S. Weber and Bruce T. Willey


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Keith B. Brekke - Daniel Carew - Scott R. Kieper - Joseph Perron


Thanks to each of you for helping to keep our organization airborne.



PLEASE NOTE: The VPB-111/VP-21 Veterans Association charges no dues. Our operations are totally supported by the generous contributions of our membership, and by the sale of our squadron products. The association comes under section 501(C) 19, of the Internal Revenue Code as a "Not for Profit" organization.   As such, contributions are legitimate tax deductions. Please make your contribution checks payable to the "VPB-111/VP-21 Veterans Association" and forward them to the Treasurer, Richard S. Webb, 219 Montoya Drive, Lady Lake, Florida, 32159-8642.



From: "Hoke, James B CAPT PEO(U&W) Chief of Staff" <james.hoke@navy.mil>
Date: Tue, 30 Mar 2010 08:26:26 -0400
Subject: CPRW-5....the final log entry

  Today I have the honor of hauling down the CPRW-5 pennant for the final time as the 20th and last Commodore.  I would be remiss of me if I did not highlight some of the command's history and how it has touched nearly every maritime patrol aviator in our great Navy.  From Wing FIVE's origin in 1937 onboard the flagships USS Owl and seaplane-tenders USS Gannet and USS Goldsborough, through transitions ashore to Norfolk, Boca Chica, Patuxent River, and finally Brunswick, Wing FIVE has had one goal: to prepare squadrons to support and defend our national interests both abroad and off our own shores.   Wing Five squadron tail flashes have proudly adorned aircraft nicknamed Catalina, Marlin, Neptune, Orion and most recently, Global Hawk.  Wing Five based aircrews have always strived to answer the call of duty, whether it be: Atlantic neutrality patrols; coastal ASW patrols after Pearl Harbor; Gulf Coast Frontier patrols; 38th parallel patrols; Cold War patrols from Keflavic to Rota/Lajes to Bermuda to the Caribbean; Cuban Missile Crisis surveillance patrols; Mercury and Gemini support; Vietnam patrols; Mediterranean patrols; Desert Shield and Storm; Yugoslavia/Kosovo; and finally, Operations Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom.  Our squadron mates have operated from the North Pole to the most southern tip of South America...and on any given day, any latitude and longitude between the International Date Line and Greenwich Meridian.

  Many of you have fond memories of cutting your teeth on anti-submarine patrols in the local warning areas and flying home marveling at the beautiful Maine coast.  There was no better feeling than when driving by Fat Boy's on Old Bath Road, seeing your squadron's tail flash pass overhead on final approach.

 On behalf of the last Sailors at CPRW-5, we salute all our squadron mates from units present and past (VP-8, VP-10, VP-11, VP-14, VP-15, VP-21, VP-23, VP-26, VP-44, VP-92, VPU-1, TSC Brunswick, FMP MOCC ALFA, FSU-5, NAVCOMTELDET, NCTAMSLANTDET, ASD and AIMD).  The bonds of Sailors serving at Wing Five and in Brunswick, Maine have strongly influenced our maritime community and we hope it will remain an enduring legacy of excellence for many operations and missions to come.

  Best wishes to all in the future as we haul down our pennant for the final time. It has been an honor to serve in this capacity and with so many phenomenal people.  Fly safe and Godspeed.  Wing Five....out.


V/r, Jim   

Captain Jim Hoke
Commander, Patrol and Reconnaissance Wing FIVE


It is with deep regret that I make mention of the passing of our following shipmates:

May they rest in peace.


From the Storekeeper:


From the Storekeeper: Sales have been brisk since the Association Small Stores has replenished its supply of the popular P-2 Neptune "Two Turning  VP  Two Burning" gold embroidered Navy Blue color ball caps with a gold "scrambled egg" design on the cap visor. This handsome ball cap can be yours for a modest $18.00 cost that includes shipping and handling. Other popular Small Stores items include the VP-21 Squadron "Blackjack" Patch (5" Large at $10 or a 3" Small at $6); VP-21 "Blackjack" Lapel/Hat Pin at $4; VPB-111 "Dumbo" or "Truculent Turtle" 3" Small Squadron Patches at $6; White Outer Banks brand Polo Shirts with embroidered Naval Aviator Gold Wings and VPB-111/VP-21 Veterans Association lettering at $25 (available in medium, large, X Large and 3X Large sizes), and an incredible book, The Story of One Eleven, about our rich heritage as a Navy PB4Y squadron that served in England, North Africa and the far Pacific during World War II. We also have a related book, Low Level Liberators, that tells the story of Patrol Bombing Squadron 104 in the South Pacific during World War II. Both books sells for $29 each and each tell incredible stories about the brave young men who fought valiant battles in these marvelous flying machines. For further information or to place your order, contact Storekeeper, Carter Nute, at (352) 335-1293 or by e-mail at ccnute@earthlink.net.


    Thank you.







As you all know, our 2011 reunion will be held in beautiful Charleston, SC.  Tiny Ledford, our reunion coordinator has provided the following information:  The reunion dates are 17 – 21 April.  We’ll be staying at the Embassy Suites Convention Center.  Cost will be $122.00 per night for the rooms.  That includes all taxes ($99.00 plus tax).  Tiny talked them down from $139 plus taxes.  Free breakfast buffet each day is included.  This is just preliminary but:


Sunday 17th – Arrival and registration


Monday 18th – Hunley submarine and Charleston/Citadel tour and free 2 hour Hotel Managers reception which includes drinks


Tuesday 19th – Tour of the USS Yorktown and cruise to Fort Sumter.  Lunch in the Yorktown CPO mess


Wednesday 20th – Tour of the Boone Hall Plantation and the banquet will be a Dinner Cruise of Charleston Harbor


Thursday 21st – Business meeting and departure.


More information will follow subsequent Newsletter issues.


Bill Locke




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