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John G. Esposito, Editor                           SUMMER EDITION 2010


With the spring edition of our newsletter, we provided snail mail copies to every member except those for whom we had good email addresses.  We did this in the hope of accomplishing two things.  The first was to reach those members who had opted to receive their newsletters by email but had failed to notify Dan Dwyer when their email addresses had changed.  This was partially successful.  A few did contact him with their new addresses. (But, at the same time, additional email addresses bounced – win a few, lose a few.)  The second reason was an attempt to ascertain which snail mail addresses listed in our roster was invalid.  We accomplished this when several bounced.  This was a one-time effort.  Since we have to pay postage for returned newsletters, we can’t continue to do this every quarter.  If a newsletter gets returned in the future, the member will be added to the “Lost” list and no further newsletter will be sent until we receive a corrected address.


This quarter, we’re going to try something different.  I’m going to list ten of our “Lost” members.  If any of you are aware of their correct addresses, please contact me at cac8ppc@suscom-maine.net with the information.  Also, if you are aware of their passing, please let me know and I’ll move their names from the “Lost” to the “Deceased” list.  I’ve asked Dan to do the same thing with his “Bad” email addresses.


NAME                                                               LAST KNOWN ADDRESS


John ADAMS                                                    Tyler, TX

Glen ADKINS                                                    Skowhegan, ME

Carl AHEE                                                        Vidalia, CA

Leroy Jack ALLEN                                             Fort Mohave, AZ

Joseph ANDERSON                                          Indian Harbor Beach, FL

James ARATA                                                   Bethesda, MD

Reno BACALLAO                                              Roberts, WI

John BACCIGALOPI                                          Cameron, LA

Robert BAGBY                                                  Annapolis, MD

George BAILEY                                                 Belford, NJ         


Several members have indicated an interest in keeping up with what’s happening at NASB.  It was just announced that the Cirrus Aircraft Corp, maker of the SR22 aircraft, the biggest seller for single engine planes for the past eight years, will be moving into Hangar 6 and opening up a $100 million project to build the Kestrel JP10 composite turboprop aircraft.  They plan to employ 300 people.  In addition, a local machine maker plans to move onto the station and expand the business.  There may be hope for the place after all.


I hope that all of you are thinking positively about attending our 2011 Reunion in Charleston, SC in the spring.  It promises to be one of our best.  In the meantime, keep well and keep safe.




The following formation has been provided by Tiny Ledford, Coordinator of the 2011 Reunion:


The reunion will be based at the Embassy Suits in North Charleston and will run from Sunday, 17 April through Thursday, 21 April (you can check in earlier and leave later if you want).  Monday, 18 April will be the first day of scheduled events which will include a tour of the city and a visit to the Hunley Museum.  On Tuesday, 19 April, we’ll cruise Charleston Harbor, including a visit to Fort Sumter and Patriot’s Point, and have lunch on board the USS Yorktown.  Wednesday, 20 April will find us at the Boone Hall Plantation followed by the Reunion dinner on board ship while cruising Charleston Harbor.  Check out will be on Thursday, 21 April.






It is with deep regret that I make mention of the passing of our following shipmate:


·  Richard C. Connor on April 27, 2010.  He was in 21 from 48 to 52.  He was an AOAN.


May he rest in peace.



The following named persons have generously made contributions to our

Organization since the last issue of the newsletter:


W. Schafer Bean - Daniel Carew - Nelson R. Castle - Ray L. Colavita -

Edith N. Griffith - Carrie D. Huber - Frank D. Marran - David H. Messer -

Donald W. Noltner - Edward R. Ouellette - Les Raye - Milton Savanovich -

Thomas E. Sayre - Joseph E. Sheehan - Clayton Stokes - Howard E. Whalin -

Edward L. Wilkinson - Mrs. Robert L. Wolen - 


Thanks to each of you for helping to keep our organization airborne.




PLEASE NOTE: The VPB-111/VP-21 Veterans Association charges no dues. Our operations are totally supported by the generous contributions of our membership, and by the sale of our squadron products. The association comes under section 501(C) 19, of the Internal Revenue Code as a "Not for Profit" organization.   As such, contributions are legitimate tax deductions. Please make your contribution checks payable to the "VPB-111/VP-21 Veterans Association" and forward them to the Treasurer, Richard S. Webb, 219 Montoya Drive, Lady Lake, Florida, 32159-8642.





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Thank you.



Members AWOL/MIA from Email Data Base

The following ten members of the association were selected at random from the more than one hundred and eighteen members of the association whose email addresses are no longer correct and we are thus no longer in contact with them.  For those members that receive copies of the email roster via email, please take the time to check out those members who are listed as having bad email addresses, update that information, and send it to any member of the board, especially Dan Dwyer at DDWYER1@Maine.RR.Com so that we might regain contact.   How pervasive is the problem??? CDR Ed Wilkinson (see below), a former CO of VP-21, is one of those with a bad email address!!!!


BETSWORTH          Brian  FL&ME                                              55-58       bcbetsworth@barbershop.net       BAD 09/24/07

FLOYD                       Frank  Jacksonville Beach            FL         60-63       loyd8315@bellsouth.net                 BAD 06/21/08

HIGHTOWER           Steve  Deland                                 FL         68-69       Galaxy12@usa.com                          BAD 8/2/06

JABBUSCH               Jim   Casco                                      ME        63-68       mentiques@yahoo.com                  BAD 11/8/06

MORIN                      J.P.  Clarksville                                NY        69            Jpmorin@capital.net                        BAD 09/21/07

NORHA                     Marvin  Rockport                           TX        59-638     flynnfinn@aol.com                          BAD 9/1/07

POARCH                   Robert  Ardmore                            TN        65-68       Robert.Poarch@dcma.mil               BAD 7/9/09

SCHONASKY           Bill   Montello                                 WI        52            wrs@maqs.net                                  BAD 7/9/09

THOMAS                  Jim  Cambridge                               MD       51-55       jimdotthom@yahoo.com                BAD 06/21/08

YANKURA               George     West Gardiner              ME        67-69       gyankura@mail.gwi.net                  BAD 7/29/06                           


Submitted by Dan Dwyer





Check it out.




That’s it for now, guys.  Enjoy the rest of your summer, and start planning now for next year’s reunion next year.





A non-profit, fraternal, and historical association devoted to the reestablishment of contact with shipmates of the past, to strengthen the camaraderie among its members, to record and preserve the memories and incidents of the Association, to preserve the memory of departed shipmates, and to promote the comfort and welfare of its members and survivors. No dues are assessed!




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