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John G. Esposito, Editor                                                     Summer/Fall Edition 2009


The loss of a single one of our members is a tragic loss to all of us.  And, while no single shipmate is more important to our lives than any other, there are some who’s passing greatly impacts on the operation of the Association.  During the past year we have had two such losses.


First there was Gary Gross.  When Gary became our Storekeeper, he took over a relatively small operation and turned it into the outstanding asset it is today.  He instituted the sale of individually designed coffee mugs, greatly expanded the variety of items available, and spent every reunion making certain that his shipmates could acquire the pieces of squadron memorabilia that they desired.  Gary was a good friend, a good shipmate, and he’ll be sorely missed.


We recently lost Frank Balogh.  Frank has been active on the Association Board since 1999 when he agreed to set up and run a squadron web site (www.vpb-111.org or www.vp-21.org).  The site is now one of the finest on the web, and that leads to a problem for your Association.  With the passing of Frank we lost a good friend and a good shipmate but, in addition, we lost our Webmaster.  As a member of our squadron, Frank, and all the others who have been lost to us, can’t be replaced, but it is necessary to our continued survival as a functioning organization that he be replaced as our Webmaster. 


I’m hoping that one of you out there will be willing to take on the responsibility of keeping our website in operation.  It is one of our most important assets.  It has resulted in the locating of innumerable lost shipmates who heard about our Association while they were surfing the web.  It provides all of us with information about our squadron mates that is not available anywhere else.


If anyone is willing to help out, please contact me at cac8ppc@suscom-maine.net or by calling 207-725-6522.


In the meantime, please keep Gary and Frank, and all our lost squadron mates in your hearts.





            *(Reference subject information        which appears in the Message         from the Left Seat column.







The following named persons have generously made contributions to our

Organization since the last issue of the Newsletter:

Ewing Caruthers, Jr.

William J. Gerber

Andrew S. Holland

William J. Locke

Paul C. Madden

C.L. McNamara

Joseph Sheehan

Robert Sheintop

Thanks to each of you for helping to keep our organization airborne.


Thanks a million, Dick.  


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A non-profit, fraternal, and historical association devoted to the reestablishment of contact with shipmates of the past, to strengthen the camaraderie among its members, to record and preserve the memories and incidents of the Association, to preserve the memory of departed shipmates, and to promote the comfort and welfare of its members and survivors. No dues are assessed!




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