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P2Vs of VP-21 - Baldur Sveinsson

Photo Gallery 23 1943-1945 Louis Bresciano VPB-111. Port Lyautey/ Tinian.

Photo Gallery 27 1942-1946 Photos by Capt Frank Kieper, VPB-111. Courtesy of his son Scott Kieper.

Photo Gallery 25 1963  Med Cruisebook M.J. Lenz
Wilding Gallery1  1964-1967 Dave Wilding, Iceland, Key West, Brunswick
Wilding Gallery2  1964-1967 Dave Wilding, Key West, Brunswick
Wilding Gallery3  1964-1967 Dave Wilding, Key West, Brunswick
Wilding Gallery4  1964-1967 Dave Wilding, Key West, Brunswick, Spain
Wilding Gallery5  1964-1967 Dave Wilding, Iceland, Brunswick
Wilding Gallery6  1964-1967 Dave Wilding, Iceland, Sigonella
Wilding Gallery7  1964-1967 Dave Wilding, Iceland, Sigonella
Photo Gallery17   2003 - Reunion Pensacola, FL - Photos by Frank Balogh Jr.
Photo Gallery 22  2005 - Reunion Portland, ME - Photos by Frank Balogh Jr.
Photo Gallery 24  2005 - Reunion Portland, ME - Photos by Larry McHenry
Photo Gallery 25  2007 - Reunion Hiltons Head, SC - Photos by Bob Bass (official reunion photographer)

Photo Gallery 26  2009 - Reunion Branson, Mo Photos

Photo Gallery 28  2011 - Reunion Charleston, SC - Photos by Bob Bass

T-43 [Old LH-8]   2014 - Neptune Aviation Services' Tanker 43 at the end of the 2014 fire-fighting season


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Photo Gallery4   1960 -1966 Period - Ken Garvin  (click on "show photos" upon arrival)

Photo Gallery8    1953 -1955 Malta, Luqa, Argentia - Glenn Harkleroad

Photo Gallery14  1965 - LH-6 tracking Whiskey class, Crew 6 photo, more - Rick Hully

Photo Gallery16   2003 - Reunion Pensacola, FL - Photos by Steve Kaiser

Photo Gallery18   2003 - Reunion Pensacola, FL - Photos by Dave Bergmann

Photo Gallery20  1943-1945

Photo Gallery12  1950 -1951Pax River, Roy D. Wolfe, Red Ruch
Photo Gallery9    1952 -1954  Pax River, Luqa, Malta - David E. Reed, CPO Ferguson, Red Ruch, and Bernie Doran
Photo Gallery21  1952-1953 Pax River and Malta, Warren Shelton
Photo Gallery2    1952 -1955 - Lenhof, Fred Schuster, Norm Roinestad, David Reed, CPO Ferguson
Photo Gallery15  1953 -1954 - Charlie Gallagher
Photo Gallery7    1958 - Hal Far, Malta and 1960 Keflavik - Bill Kelly
Photo Gallery11  1958 -1960 Various locales, Frank Balogh Jr., Carl Hollish
Photo Gallery1   1960 - Period and the 2001 Reunion in VA Beach - Frank Balogh

Photo Gallery13  1963 -1964  Various contributors/ Crews, aircraft, more

Photo Gallery      1967 -1969 Period - Bob Tunney, Ron Huff
Photo Gallery19  1980 - Reunion at NASB
Photo Gallery6   1999 - Reunion, Brunswick
Photo Gallery3    2001 - Reunion Virginia Beach - Banquet Photos
Photo Gallery10   2003 - P2V-7 BuNo145915 Photos, Mid-Atlantic Air Museum, Frank Balogh Jr.