Bad Email Addresses

The On-Line Coordinator, Dan Dwyer, emails a copy of our email roster quarterly, to all valid email addresses, in Word format. In his email he also provides, in Microsoft Word format, a copy of our quarterly newsletter, VPB-111/VP-21Vagabond News.  In addition to listing all valid email addresses, the roster also lists, under separate headings:


     (1) Email addresses that are Bad with dates the email was returned

     (2) Deceased members who were formerly on the email roster.

If you see your name in either of those lists, please contact Dan Dwyer, the On-Line Coordinator, to correct it, or give him your new address. If we don't have a valid email address for you, we cannot notify you when the Vagabond Newsletter is published on our website in Acrobat format, and your shipmates won't be able to contact you via email.