Do you have some bit of VP-21/ VPB-111 History around the house – photos, memorabilia, STORIES? The Association would like to include them here. Memorabilia would be kept safely by the Association Historian and displayed at Association events such as the reunion held every two years. We especially want your stories.

Gerald W. (Gerry) Connolly, Sr.

Author: Gerald W. (Gerry) Connolly, Sr.Gerry was a VPB-11 PB4Y Liberator aircraft crewmember (waist gunner) during WWII GERRY’S WORLD WAR II MEMORIESNow that I am close to reaching the century mark, I have been thinking more and more about my past. In fact, it is, at...

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Formal History

VP-21/ VPB-111 SQUADRON HISTORY FROM NAVAL HISTORIC WEB SITEThe following was taken from the Naval Historical Web Site. There were found to be several errors in the information presented. Those errors that were found were corrected. There may be further errors in the...

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1952 (April) Enlisted Roster VP-21

ENLISTED CREWS ROSTER - 1 APR 1952 NAME______________________________     RATE__SER.NO_______NJC___________DUTY STA_________ ADCOCK,  James Hughston                                   ADE3     641 09 07     AD-6489-07     Power Plants ALLNUTT,  Marshall Willard...

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1951 Flight Crew List (Partial)

HC-8 1951 Flight Crew List PPC Ens. RB. Mahon 2nd Lt. Ferguson Nav. LTJG Ford Nav. LTJG Rex Plane Captain ADC Levi Frisque* 2nd Mech. ________________ 1st Ord. AO1 David Offrell 2nd Ord. AOAN Jayrell Marion 1st Radio ALC Harold Ludlam 2nd Radio ALAN George Rushe *In...

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1953 Flight Crew List (Partial)

IF YOU HAVE CREW LIST INFO FOR ANY CREW, OF ANY YEAR, PLEASE SEND TO THE WEBMASTERCrew HC-8 LCDR George Sutton, PPCLT. Wallace Amling, CopilotLTJG William Gerber, Copilot (relieved Amling)LTJG Robert L. Wolen, NavigatorJohn A. Williams, ADC, PCLeslie A. Raye, ADAN,...

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1967 Flight Crew List

CAC-8LT. Lyle HansenLTJG. NuteLTJG Robert O'ConnorLTJG J.E. MacHeason (spelling?)Jackson, L.S. PCNovay, Ron ADPicone, Leo AODetterman, David AT2Preston, Jerry ATHarper, Lee AERule, Bill AX2

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