Whenever an old shipmate is found, or lost, we publish their name, entry/ exit dates, rank/ rate, and link their name to an email address or obituary/ biography (if given), on this page. We'll also update the Rosters. Each new set of member info will remain on this page for the calendar year.

We are always searching for old shipmates too. If you were one of us, and are not on our rosters, please register here. If you  know of an old shipmate not presently on our rosters, please contact the Association Chairman, Bill Locke, with your info. Report all errors to the Webmaster.

NOTE1: To protect the privacy of our members, we do not publish postal addresses or telephone numbers on this website. However, any Association member wishing to make contact with any other member, (and not possessing a hardcopy of the Association roster or an email roster) may do so by contacting the Association Chairman, Bill Locke, and making your request through him.

NOTE2: 'Linked' names In the FOUND SHIPMATES section are linked to their email address. 'Linked' names In the FINAL LANDINGS section will take you to their obituary notice or their biography.


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E-Mail Address Change

05/23/21: Randy McLean,LTJG,randyemclean@outlook.com

Information Updates

05/10/21:  Theodore Zotto, PN3



07/27/22:  Daniel Balandovich, VP 21, 52-55, AM2, D:7-6 2022

05/13/22:  Raymond H. Gaus, 56-60, ADR2, D:07/27/2021

09/09/20:  Fred A, Schuster, 52-55, AT2, D: 08/28/2020

11/02/20:  Allan W. Furneaux, 57-59, AE3, D: 09/29/2020

11/12/20:  Jerry M. Keltner, CAPT, D: 05/31/2020

11/16/20:  Dois R. Snow, 66-69, AK1, D: 08/17/2020

11/17/20:  Harold (Gus) Rich, 66-69, LTJG, D: 08/01/2020

11/29/20:  Louis E. Merchant, 48-51, AD3, D: 11/21/2018

12/05/20:  Leon J. Greenbaum, 44-45, CAPT, D: 11/05/2020

01/07/21:  Robert Amburgey, 68-69, AX2, D: 12/27/2020

02/02/21:  Bernard P. Doran, 50-53, AD3, D: 03/07/2020

02/03/21:  Kenneth R. Egan, 62-66, AX2, D: 01/30/2021

02/22/21:  Edward Sruba, D:06/2021

04/15/21:  William Hooper, 49-51, ENS, D: 04/00/2006

08/03/21:  John T. Cobb, 60-63, ATR3, D: 03/07/2021