Entry Date: 43

Exit Date: 43


Squad: 111

Status: D: 07/21/1955

“Below is bio excerpt from my website http://community.webtv.net/charles379/USNComposite about a former member of VB-111 during its short stay in Port Lyautey, French Morocco in 1944. Chuck Huber.

Earl Bishop was an AMM2 Combat Air Crewman attached to VB-111 from 21 Mar 44 until 9 Jul 44.

Earl Cecil Bishop was born in the Village of Pinemount, Suwanee County, Florida on 25 Mar 1924. He enlisted in the US Navy on 14 May 41 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida and attended AMM School there.
In the European Theatre in WWII he served and flew in VP-52, VP-83, Hedron Patrol Wing 5 (FAW-5), Hedron 9-2 FAW-9, VP-92, Hedron FAW-15, VB-111 and Hedron 9-1 FAW-9 from 29 Nov 41 until 11 Oct 44. In the above squadrons he flew out of NAS Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, NS Roosevelt Roads, PR, Brazil, NAS Bermuda, NAF Port Lyautey, Morocco, Gibralter, and England, participating in anti-submarine and anti-shipping, search and rescue, and bombing missions, including the Anzio and Normandy allied invasions.
On 08 Sep 43 he became one of the first enlisted men to be awarded Combat Air Crewman status.
Transferring to the Pacific Theatre on 11 Oct 44 he joined Hedron 14-2 FAW-14 at NAAS Camp Kearny, California and embarked upon a three month combat deployment. He remained with Hedron 14-2, then Torpedo Squadron 11 (re-designated VA-12 Able) until his discharge on 25 Mar 47, as AMM1.
On 13 Oct 48 he re-enlisted as AD2 at NAS Jacksonville, Florida and joined Flight Test, Naval Test Center, NAS Patuxent River, Maryland. On 24 Jan 52 he joined VC-8, later again attaining 1st Class Petty Officer AD1, and again qualifying as Combat Aircrewman, in the AJ Savage, flying as plane captain.
He was killed in the AJ-1 Savage crash at Naples, Italy on 20 July 1955, along with pilot Lt. Donald Bowman and bombadier/navigator Ltjg. Clark McConnell.
——End of Excerpt—-”