Entry Date: 66

Exit Date: 69


Squad: 21

Status: D: 07/09/2009


1967,Rota - CDR I.J. Johnson bestowing Gary's 3rd.Class Crow

2001, Miriam&Gary, VA Beach Reunion

“I joined the Navy At 18 (Sept 4, 1964), after high school. Boot camp at Great Lakes, then to AC A school NAS Glenco in Brunswick Ga. That was not my forte, washed out, 15th week. Orders to NAS Brunswick Me, changed to NAS Guantanamo. 1 year there working on Crane Hill radar installation. Left there on orders to VP-21 as AZAN. worked in maintenance office for, Chiefs Blair, Harvey, Gallagher and Acker. Also, 2 great guys Lt Szczepanski & Lt Woychowski. Deployed to Rota and Sigonella (twice). Went with 3-Plane detachment to Souda Bay twice.

My last year I worked with my good friend Tom Watt. I Think that Man was born to be a leading chief.
Extended my enlistment for 8 months and was discharged as AZ2 May 2, 1969.
After the Navy I went of Mortuary School in Boston and returned to my family business in Saco, Me. Purchased the Funeral Home from my dad in 1979, merged with another funeral home in 1983. Sold out and moved to Florida in 1987. Am presently a licensed Funeral Director/Embalmer in Maine and Florida. I have been with a family owned funeral home here in west central FL, as manager/VP for the Past 15 years.
Have been storekeeper/Director for the last 2-3 years and have enjoyed renewing old friendships.
Gary Gross

Gary passed away July 9, 2009”