Entry Date: 42

Exit Date: 45


Squad: 111

Status: D: 06/24/1993

“Information provide by Geri (Hubner) Raab, Henry’s daughter. “Henry H. Hubner passed on June 24, 1993 served from 1942-1945 in England, North Africa, and the Phillipines. Member of VPB-111, ENS – Co-pilot with Pilot R. L. Fleming (Doc’s Delight 746). Patrol Bombing Squadron (Nov 22, 1944 Crew # 11). Discharged with the rank of LTJG from San Diego in 1945”

Letter from Geri (Hubner) Raab: “ I have been getting the Vagabond News since my mother Edna Hubner passed in Oct. 2000. I recently went to the website when I read of the passing of Norwood Speary as I had some photos of him & my dad at reunions that I wanted to send to his family. I was so thrilled to hear from his wife of 69 years Clara, who remember my parents.

I never put any info about my dad on the website but finally decided to do it when I heard from Clara. Although she said there are only 3 remaining members for VPB111 maybe other people might come across it and view it. It seems to me to be a way of keeping his memory alive, somehow, they truly were “The Greatest Generation”” ….

“My husband Vinny & I attended the reunion in Hilton Head & I brought a large scrapbook that I put together of everthing my father saved to share with everone.

My parents were fortunate to attend a number of reunions. My mother had Christmas cards and notes to so many people over 40 years and finally got to meet many of them.

Please use this info and photos however you feel appropriate for the website. Sincerely, Geri (Hubner) Raab” ”