Entry Date: '51

Exit Date: '53


Status: U

“Born in Hamburg, PA. Joined the navy in November 1950, on a so called kiddie cruise. Was sworn in Nov 1 and went to Newport Rhode Island for Boot camp. Was shipped to P (Patuxent) river and VP-21 in Feb 1951. Boot camp was shortened a couple of weeks because of the Korean War. Served in VP-21 at P River until the squadron was transferred to Brunswick. Worked on the P4M ,which I thought was a great airplane, and then when we got the P2V-6, and the engine problems, and the strut leaks, I didn’t think much of Lockheed airplanes.
Deployed to Port Layautey in Sept of 51 and then back to P River and deployed again to Malta in 53. Worked the whole time in the Hydraulic shop of the Metalsmith Division, with short trips to work in commisary and as barracks cleaner and mess cook. As an AN those duties fell to us young people. When the squadron was deployed again in june of 54, I and a bunch of short timers were left behind at Brunswick. I was discharged two months early in August 54, because of the need for the navy to downsize. I don’t remember much about Brunswick except the great brunches they used to have on Sunday mornings, and the fact they used to serve lobsters on some evening meals.

When I went back home to Pa I Married a girl I went to school with all my life. Marian and I had our first little girl in Sept of 56 and in May of 57 I moved to Miami Fla. to attend Embry Riddle to get my A&P license. Nov of 58, I went to work with Delta Airlines as a Line Mechanic in Chicago, at Midway airport. I worked in Chicago till 62 when I transferred to Philadelphia and then transferred to Phoenix in 1970. I retired from Delta in Phoenix in 1990 after 31 yrs, at the age of 56 as a line leader.

I have three daughters that have rewarded me with a grandson and three grandaughters and one on the way.
Marian and I are in reasonable health and hope to stay that way for a while longer.

Robert (BOB) Rhoads
Phoenix Ariz.”