The VPB-111/VP-21 Veterans Association is a non-profit fraternal and historical association devoted to the reestablishment of contact with shipmates of the past, to strengthen the camaraderie among its members, to record and preserve the memories and incidents of the Association, to preserve the memory of our departed shipmates, and to promote the comfort and welfare of its members and survivors.

The following poem was written by:
Cortland E. Richmond

Do not give medals for our death;
where we are, we cannot know.
Do not raise flags and hold parades;
Where we are; flags don’t go.
We ask but one thing of our land;
Of you who had us fight;
“Please be worth the blood we shed,
Be worth the eternal night.”
We are the currency you spend:
For freedom, fear or oil;
Our blood, the coin you pay,
Dark on some foreign soil.