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Lockheed Neptune P2V-6

VB-111, VPB-111, VP-111, VP(HL)-11, AND VP-21

All of the above squadron designators actually refer to a single Patrol Squadron whose designation evolved over time. If you were a member of one of these designated squadrons, WELCOME HOME!

Please fill in the form and press SEND. The information you provide here is for the sole use of the VP-21/ VPB-111 Veterans Association and will NOT be shared with or disclosed to any other entity.

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By way of introduction, the VPB-111 Veterans Association was formed in 1987 when approximately 150 former members of the WW l l squadron met in Orlando, FL for it’s initial reunion. At the 1991 reunion, held in Pensacola, FL, it became apparent that several members of VP-21 had descended from the wartime unit and felt a growing desire to associate. A joining of rosters occurred over the next two years and the formal ratification was accomplished in 1993 at the Colorado Springs, CO, reunion. At the 1995 reunion in Seattle, WA, it was decided to make a concerted effort to contact as many past members of the four squadrons as possible. That effort continues. In 2005 we now have a combined roster of almost 1400 living members, or members’ spouses.

The VP-21/ VPB-111 Veterans Association is a chartered, fraternal, non-profit organization with it’s own by-laws, the preamble of which declares it’s intent to preserve it’s history, the memory of it’s members, and to promote the welfare of it’s survivors.

No dues are solicited or required, and no assessments are made in order to be a member of the Association. Only voluntary contributions and the sale of squadron memorabilia help to defray the cost of all Association activities and the quest for finding past members of the four squadrons. A general fund is maintained to support regular activities, and a welfare fund is in place for members, or their survivors, who may find it financially difficult to participate Association activities.

Association Officers donate their time and efforts toward the operation of the Association. A quarterly newsletter, the “Vagabond News” is distributed to all Association members free of charge. Comments and criticisms related to the operation and/ or personnel of the squadron Association are encouraged and welcome. We can supply some newsletter back issues. Please include $1.00 for each year requested. We solicit the participation of all members in Association affairs. The Association meets in reunion every odd numbered year. Past reunions have been: 1987 in Orlando, 1989 in Indianapolis, 1991 in Pensacola, 1993 in Colorado Springs, 1995 in Seattle, 1997 in Knoxville, 1999 in Brunswick, 2001 in Virginia Beach, 2003 in Pensacola, 2005 in Portland, ME, 2007 in Hilton Head, 2009 in Branson, MO, and the 2011 at Charleston. Interim Association business meetings (and an excuse to have a good time) are held in the even numbered years. No special events are planned at these meetings, but all are encouraged to attend and participate.

The result of our work on the squadron rosters is available on this site. Please take a look them and let us know if you have status or location information on any of our shipmates listed with the letter U (unknown) in the status column of the Membership Roster. We are hoping, and striving to list all members of our four squadrons, living or deceased with their service number, rate/ rank, time in squadron, spouses name, and the aircraft/ crews they flew with (where applicable).

A VPB-111 history has already been published, and we are working on histories of the remaining squadrons. We are also working on a museum display for the Kentucky Air Museum. Any photos or other memorabilia you wish to share with the membership will be highly appreciated. Good copies will do (Kinkos and Staples make excellent copies). If you send us originals, we will copy/ and or scan them and return the originals to you. Please label photos with a soft pencil on their reverse sides, identifying individuals in the photo. Also write your name on the back of the photo so we’ll know who sent them. Please send any original photos or other memorabilia to Bill at:

Bill Locke, Chairman
VP-21/ VPB-111 Veterans Association
255 Mere Point Rd.
Brunswick, ME 04011-7723

Welcome Aboard
Bill Locke

Join us! For more information, contact theĀ Chairman, Bill Locke Tel. 207-725-6522

Our operations are totally supported by the generous contributions of our membership and other donees, and by the sale of our squadron products.