Entry Date: 64

Exit Date: 67


Squad: 21

Status: D: ?

“I grew up in Olean, New York and graduated from Olean High School in1962. 1 joined the Navy August of 1962, right after high school. I went to boot camp at the Naval Training Center, Great Lakes, IL. I then went to the Naval Air Technical Training Center, Memphis, TN in December 1962. In March 1963 I went to the Receiving Station, Norfolk, VA to await orders. On 24 April 1963 I received orders to NAS Port Lyautey, Kenitra, Morocco, where I spent a year and a half. I worked at the air terminal, where I loaded and fueled all different kinds of aircraft. While there I went from AA to AMS3. 1 left there October 1964

6 November 1964 I went to Patrol Squadron 21 at NAS Brunswick, ME. I spent some time in the Sheet Metal Shop. I then started flying on the Commanders’’ aircraft as ASW Ordnance, and I kept the Commander Orrills’ aircraft painted and all pretty, and took care of all structural maintenance on the aircraft, LH-l. I flew close to 2,000 hours of ASW missions, and this was the proudest time of my time in the Navy. I really enjoyed the flying to all parts of the world, and the time with VP-21 is something I will never forget. The comradeship with my crew members and squadron mates is something you can’t forget. In 1967 I became AMS2 and left VP-21 for VR-2l at NAS Barbers Point, Hawaii. I spent 3 years there on shore duty.

I was discharged in 1970, and went back to Olean, NY and worked for Market Basket for a year. I got tired of low wages and decided to go back in the service. I tried to go back in the navy, but I had been out over a year and they wanted to drop me 2 ranks, so I tried the Air Force, and they took me in as a Staff Sergeant,.E-5,and.I was stationed at Griffis AFB, NY, until December 1972. I then went to 8CSGP PACAF, which was in Ubon, Thailand for a year working on F-4’s and C-130’s. I went from there to Spain for a year. I then went back to Griffis AFB, NY, where I worked on B-52’s. I worked out the sheet metal shop for the next 12 year’s. While their, I became a Master Sergeant, E-7. I retired as E-7 December 1984.

After retirement I went to work for NCOA selling insurance until I got a job with Empire Airlines. I worked there for about a year. I then got a job back at Griffis AFB as a civilian working model aircraft for Rome Laboratory on towers for testing. I retired 7 years ago from government service. I had 43 years total Government. Service.

I still live in upstate NY. I was really enjoying retirement, until my wife Rita passed away this summer, June 28. We had been married 48 years.

I want to get and see the museum at BNAS as soon as I feel better. My time in VP-21 was a big part of my life. I also donated a NATO Manual and other papers a couple of years ago.

Attached are some documents from my time with VP-21 in Acrobat .pdf format.