Entry Date: '52

Exit Date: '55


Status: D: 08/26/2020

VP-21, 1953

Aboard HC-2, 1954

“Born: 14 June 1930
Joined Navy: 18 Feb. 1951
Attended Elecronics “”A”” School Memphis Tenn 1951-1952
Joined VP21 June 1952
Assigned Crew HC2 May 1953 Stayed on Crew 2 until discharge Feb. 1955
Worked MacDonnel Aircraft 2 years as Flight Test Instrumention Tech. 1955-1957
Worked a chemical company 37 Years 1957-1994. Company produced iron oxide of various shades for use in construction and paint industries for color. Also magnetic iron oxide for video, audio and computer tape manufacturers.
Various Positions: Reasearch Investigator (Magnetic Iron Oxide), Quality Assurance Labortory (Magnetic Iron Oxide) Manger, Tech. Service (Magnetic Iron Oxide), Electron Microscope work Magnetics), Computer Programer Quality Assurance.
Now retired and enjoying life.

Fred is also the 2001 – 2003 Historian for the VP-21/ VPB-111 Veterans Association.

Fred Schuster passed away 26 August 2020.”