Entry Date: 63

Exit Date: 66


Squad: 21

Status: K

Rick and Suzy-Q, 2003

Rick's LH-6, BuNo 135556

Rick's N555HG 'Hully Gully'

“I joined Navy in September 1962 and was discharged in September 1966. Boot camp training was in San Diego. From there to Memphis for electronics training and then to Jacksonville for flight crew training. Sometime around November of 1963, I was transferred to VP-21 in Brunswick Maine. For some reason, I was picked to be a radioman and off I went to radioman school. As many will know well, I loved using the Morse code key (bug), and used it every chance I got. For some reason, our airborne teletype blew fuses every time I got the urge to use the bug.
Deployments and Assignments:

Argentina, Newfoundland
Keflavik, Iceland
Puerto Rico
Key West, Florida
Guantanamo, Cuba
Londonderry, Ireland
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Rota, Spain

After I left the service in 1966, I moved to Lowell, Massachusetts and enrolled in college at Lowell Technological Institute (now University of Massachusetts at Lowell) and earned a BS in Electrical Engineering . Then I went to Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts and received an MS degree in Computer Science. During my sophomore year at Lowell, I started my own company providing programming and engineering services to Digital Equipment Corporation and their customers. I still have my own company and still programming.
Shortly after I left the service, I got my private pilots license (with an instrument rating) and owned my own plane for over 20 years. Since leaving the service, I have lived continuously in Massachusetts.”