Entry Date: '49

Exit Date: 52


Status: K

1948, NATTC Memphis

2002, Patricia & Roy 50th. Wedding Anniversary

“Biography of Roy D. Wolfe AL2, VP-21 1949-1952

Roy was born 1930 in Fairmount, Illinois. Moved to Michigan in 1939 and grew up near Battle Creek. Graduated from Bellevue High School in 1947.

He joined the Navy in 1948 for three years as a Kiddie Kruiser. “”Later on during Korea I would have been automattically extended for two more years, but I outfoxed them and re-enlisted in 1951 for six more years””.

Roy attended Boot Camp at Great Lakes, Air Fundamentals and AL”A” school at NATTC Memphis. On finishing school in 1949, Roy was given the choice of four VP Squadrons and joined VP-21 in 1949, which was then at Patuxent River, MD. After some indoctrination into the squadron Roy was assigned to a flight crew as second radioman with John Carlson AL1 as First Radio. The squadron had PB4Y2’s at that time.

From May 1949 until Jan 1950, VP-21 kept one plane and crew at NAS Boca Chica, Key West, FL., as a liaison for other VP squadrons who would come to Key West for ASW, working with the Sub Base there. “”A plane was supposed to rotate every month but John Carlson and I never rotated, just changed crews during the entire time””. Some of the pilots who also did not rotate were LCDR Phil Fisher, and Lieutenants Bogan and Wheeler.

On returning to Patuxent, Roy remained on PB4Y2 aircrew until July 1950 when he was assigned to P4M1 aircrew on HC-4. HC-4 had Campbell: ADC, Plane Captain; Jim Frese: AL1, First Radio; George Fallon: AO1, First Ordnance. “”I remained as Second Radio on HC-4 until June 1951. Our regular pilot was LCDR McNeal””.

In July 1951 Roy became First Radio on HC-2. John (Tiny) Linendoll AD1 was PC, Red Ruch was Second Mechanic, Mark Baker AL3 was Second Radio, Smith AO1 was First Ordnance, and Gene Wolski, AO3, was Second Ordnance.

In Sept 1951, VP-21 deployed to Port Lyautey, French Morocco. HC-2 pilot during the deployment was LCDR Miegs. “”We had the privilege of sleeping four to a tent during our deployment. Guess you could say they were good tents because they had wooden floors””.

In Nov. 1951 HC-2 was sent to Londonderry North Ireland for six weeks of ASW training with the British.

VP-21 returned to Pax River in January 1952. Roy departed the squadron in April 1952.

“”I went home in April 1952 and married Patricia Felder and was transferred to Cory Field, Pensacola, FL. After one year was sent to AT ”B” school in Memphis. Made AT1 and was transferred to CAG-10 Staff, NAS Cecil Field. Made one Med. Cruise as CAG Staff onboard the USS Coral Sea (CVA-43). Made a second Med. Cruise on the Coral Sea in VF-11 (Red Rippers)””. Roy departed the Navy in March 1957 after nine years of honorable service.

“”After leaving the Navy I worked for Bendix Aviation and Bendix Missile for nine years. Hired on with Control Data Corporation in 1966 doing maintenance on large computer mainframes at Lawrence Livermore Labs and the Sandia Corporation in Livermore CA. I was hired by the Amdahl Corporation in 1977 and moved to the Chicago area as Field Engineer, Hardware Specialist, and Technical Support Manager for the Midwest Region””. Roy retired in 1992.

Roy has been married to Patricia for 51 years and have two daughters, both born in Naval Hospitals.

“”My fondest memories are from the time that I spent in VP-21. I’m glad to renew acquaintances with some of my old (and I mean old) shipmates””.

Roy Wolfe 17 July 2003″